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More Than a Walk

On Saturday, April 8, 2017, I had the privilege of helping and participating in our church’s Women’s Walk at Fyffe Ministries Church of God in Fyffe, AL. We walked a mile around campus silently praying for our church, church members, and the people that may not come to church normally but would visit on Easter. We also prayed for our […]

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Hello Coffee & Jesus lovers!

I would like to introduce myself to you. My name is Jessica Crowell (AKA, Jessie). I live in Alabama with my hubby and and boys (or should I say young men now). I have two precious dogs, Shorty and Copper. I love the country life and that I am so blessed to live on four beautiful wooded acres with wildlife, beautiful birds, and the rest and peace that I receive here from God. There are days when I sit outside in my Secret Garden with my coffee and reading my Bible. Those times are so special to me. I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in the breeze and in the sun shining down thru the hedge of trees covering me overhead. It’s during these fellowship times that I receive the Word from the Lord and peace from the business of my daily life. When I started making a habit of this I felt led by the Lord to share the messages He gives me thru my Blog and Facebook Pages. I know that some of my purposes on this earth is to be a wife, mother, sister, and daughter. Now that I am in my early forties, things are changing in my life. I have one son in college and fixing to graduate. My other son only has two years left in high school. My parents are getting older and are having many surgeries and need care that […]

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