Jessica H Crowell currently lives in Alabama. She loves living in the country and meeting with God in her “Secret Garden” which is not so secret anymore since she blogs and occasionally posts videos from her garden to share the glory of our Father, the salvation of Jesus, and the direction and love of The Holy Spirit. Jessica was raised a Baptist but is now a member of The Church of God/Pentecostal. Jessica does not discriminate people of other denominations (she has visited almost all Christian churches) but feels that The Church of God is where The Holy Spirit has led her to be.

“The first time I entered a Church of God, I felt The Holy Spirit move in a huge way through all worship and sermons. The COG is the denomination that is the closest to the way the apostles and Paul (via the example & instruction of Jesus) led people to salvation. The Church of God believes in accepting Jesus into your heart as your Lord and Savior (when you receive the Holy Spirit), full-water baptism, and receiving the baptism of The Holy Ghost (which was allowed to come after Jesus’ crucifixion), laying hands on people for healing and deliverance, and much more. Jesus gave us the keys to do these things in His name (Matthew 16:19). We shouldn’t be afraid to do what Jesus taught us to do. One of Satan’s deceptions is to make Christians believe that they do not have the power The Holy Spirit gives us. It’s time for us to stand up against the evil principalities and pray for our communities and educate ourselves on the enemy’s tactics. There is a Spiritual War going on and we are a part of it whether you acknowledge it or not. Rest assured we are in the last days. Start getting wisdom today (Hosea 4:6 / Proverbs 16:16).”

~~Jessica H Crowell~~

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Jessica is a part of her church’s (Fyffe Ministries Church of God)Women’s Ministry Program. She is the co-captain of the Encouragement Team. She is also a member of the Greeter Team.

Here is the Women’s Ministry promo video at FCOG that Jessica was a part of:

Women’s Ministry Video-Fyffe Ministries Church of God

If you would like Jessica to come speak at your Church or special event, please email her at: