Think Before You Post or Judge

Lately I have noticed a few “friends” making posts on social media that were not Godly actions. Don’t put someone down and post their picture and the sin they have committed on Facebook–especially when you have also committed the same sin. Those without sin cast the first stone. We have ALL sinned. We all need forgiveness. It may take time for someone to realize that what they have done is sinful but they will eventually.

 In the meantime let us remember that only God knows the hearts of us all. We do not know what’s in someone’s heart. Therefore do not judge. Do not post their shame on social media for the world to see. Jesus frowns on this & actions like this. Instead pray for this person and their family. Let God deal with the situation on His own terms. Let us be true Christians by praying, loving, forgiving, and being merciful. How can God forgive our sins if we point our fingers at others? Peace and love be with you in Jesus name.


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