The Yoga Deception 

Do you do yoga? I’m sure we all have at some time. I tried it once at my local gym. However, I had no idea that yoga is a creation of Hinduism and occult meditation. There is no such thing as “Christian Yoga”. The video below is only one of several ways I have looked into this. Any form of meditation is a part of Satan’s false sorcery doctrine. I think here in America we get too caught up in “the next best thing” without really questioning it. The Bible tells us that in the last days there will be many deceptions. I know that yoga is only a small part of the deception but it’s still one of the lies we need to uncover. Unfortunately there are many other deceptions out there and more to come. The Bible tells us that the people perish due to lack of knowledge. I challenge you today to begin to study. Soak up knowledge and pray for the Holy Spirit to give you decernment.

Below is a video discussing the dangers of yoga. I can hear you laughing at me, but it’s true. It is spiritually very dangerous.

Why is Doing Yoga Wrong?
Please gain knowledge! “Those with and ear, let them hear.”

God bless you my brothers and sisters.



  1. I started to take Yoga at a gym after asking the instructor if she was going to go into the meditative aspects. She said it was only for exercise but it wasn’t long before she was encouraging the class to “empty your mind”.. with that I left the class.

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