More Than a Walk


On Saturday, April 8, 2017, I had the privilege of helping and participating in our church’s Women’s Walk at Fyffe Ministries Church of God in Fyffe, AL. We walked a mile around campus silently praying for our church, church members, and the people that may not come to church normally but would visit on Easter. We also prayed for our community and the sick.



We met back in iConnect for coffee and fellowship. Our iConnect area is set up like a coffee spot. We have table and chairs along with your selection of coffee, tea, and hot chocolate. On this day we had extra special ingredients for gourmet coffee. Yum!!



As we drank coffee we got to know each other more thru conversation starters that were laying on the tables.


After some time we asked if anyone had any prayer requests. Almost everyone did. We prayed for each request while also laying hands on each one that needed healing. It was a wonderful time of fellowship, tears, and spiritual lifting up of so many women.



You can see me above wearing the light blue t-shirt with brown hair.

As you can see below, I had a great time helping our church’s coffee lady (or as she likes to call herself, “Liquid Greeter”) Sharon Hawkins prepare the coffee. I am her backup now so I guess you can call me the Assistant Liquid Greeter. Ha! Ha!


Here are some selfies that I made with some of my church friends:


The lady with the glasses is our church Secretary, Renee Powell. She has just accepted the title of our Women’s Ministry Leader. She is in the process of re-booting this ministry. Many great things are coming and I’m so excited!

Me and Linda

This is me and my friend, Linda Lassetter. She helps with our church’s Operation Christmas Child ministry.

I had such a wonderful time! I can’t wait until our next Women’s Ministry event. If you live in the DeKalb County AL, area and would like to visit our church or if you are interested in receiving information about our Women’s Ministry feel free to contact our Secretary and Women’s Ministry Leader, Renee Powell, at this email addresss:





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