I Color in My Bible

Bible Journaling has become such a wonderful way for me to get closer to God and His Word. There is just something about making your Bible personal and adding pictures and art which makes the Word pop off the pages! I love my Bible and it means so much to me. My Bible is the Beautiful Word NKJV Bible, Large Print. It is published by Zondervan. You can purchase these on Amazon. Also on Amazon, I purchased the cute Book Tabs you see in the above picture.

In the below two pictures, you can see the inside of my Bible and the back of my Bible. Some of the stickers I purchased at Walmart and from Illustrated Faith. By the way, Illustrated Faith had great tutorials you can watch on YouTube. The pictures taped in are some I found online on Pinterest and Instagram. Since I’m not profiting off my Bible I’m assuming printing these pictures for my personal Bible is ok.

You can find lots of ideas for Bible Journaling on Pinterest. If you are interested, here is my Bible Journaling Board: Bible Journaling Pinterest Board

Here are just a few of my Bible pages. These are what have inspired me but you may be inspired differently than me. Just do what speaks to you..what the Holy Spirit speaks to you. The more personal you make your Bible, the more you will remember and keep in your heart.

I will continue to post more Bible Journaling tips in the future. Stay updated by signing up for email updates. Be blessed!


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