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Speak Life

All thru my social media News Feeds,  I see both women and men post about negativity in their lives. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with prayer request. Don’t get me wrong. I’m talking about day, after day, after day posting about trying to be strong, people in your life causing you to be angry, the “no one is […]

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Can the eclipse be a Heavenly Sign?

In a recent article about the eclipse posted by Prophecy Watchers, they tell that the day after the eclipse starts the Jewish month of Elul. It’s a month for the Jews to contemplate what they need to ask forgiveness for. “We become close to God out of awe, not fear, trusting the acceptance of God’s judgment.” (Paraphrased from the Elul […]

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The Yoga Deception 

Do you do yoga? I’m sure we all have at some time. I tried it once at my local gym. However, I had no idea that yoga is a creation of Hinduism and occult meditation. There is no such thing as “Christian Yoga”. The video below is only one of several ways I have looked into this. Any form of […]

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